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right2use, the developers of Software Organiser, is an independent company having sold our Software Asset Management system to companies for over 12 years.

By independent we mean right2use has no business associations with other mainstream software publishing companies or software vendors.

Being independent is very important to our customers enabling them to confide in us on sensitive software licensing issues, and receive guidance from us, without repercussion.

right2use History

Due to the widespread proliferation of discovery tools we decided not to include software auditing in Software Organiser but to deliver the missing pieces of the software compliance equation and proposed that the customer need not waste money reinvesting in new SAM technology, but use their existing SAM tools in conjunction with Software Organiser to create the ideal software licence management system.

Although many discovery tools 'positioned' themselves as software compliance tools almost all failed to deliver compliance as they delivered only a very small part of the solution;

The obvious ‘hole in the market’ was a tool that would manage the reconciliation of licensing documentation with what was installed to ultimately determine the legal use of software.

Prior to 2003

The company founders were deeply involved in the development, sales and support of third party SAM products.

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