Audit Data Normalisation

” I wish, I wish my software audit data made sense “

Software discovery systems rarely produce audit reports having the quality of information required by software asset managers. Typically,  much of the data is irrelevant – so much so you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Making sense of software audit reports can take weeks – and you probably don’t have the time.

So,  how does audit data normalisation help you?  Well, think of a service that automatically enriches your audit data transforming it into useful management information, without any effort required from yourself.  For example…

    • ‘Noise’ such as hot fixes, service updates, patches etc. are filtered out
    • Software naming conventions are standardised
    • Unit costs are added
    • Software categories are applied
    • End of life and end of support dates are added
    • Indication if the software is commercially licensable or not is added

Audit data normalisation is available within Software Organiser or sold separately as a service on a one-off, on-demand, weekly or monthly basis.

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